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Pa. city among ‘unhappiest’ in U.S.

Patriot-News - 2/27/2024

Sad news.

Not only does Pennsylvania lack any of the United States’s “happiest cities,” but one is actually one of the unhappiest.

WalletHub — which, according to its about page, is “an award-winning personal finance company that empowers consumers to lead financially health lives” with “[powerful] tools” — published a report Tuesday concerning the “Happiest Cities in America (2024).”

In an effort to quantify happiness, researchers at the site decided to grade the country’s 182 largest cities — 150 of which are also the U.S.’s most populated — across three main categories: “Emotional & Physical Well-Being;” “Income & Employment;” and “Community & Environment.”

Relevant metrics were then factored in — such as “Depression Rate;” “Life Expectancy;” “Commute Time;” and “Ideal Weather” — for final rankings. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were referenced as sources, among others.

As the title of this article would suggest, Pennsylvania didn’t do too hot, representation-wise. One has to scroll all the way down to the 79th spot for the first mention of a Keystone State city — Pittsburgh — for a rating that’s not exactly great.

Then there’s the matter of Philadelphia: The only other city in Pennsylvania to be mentioned, the area came in at 161st, just flirting with a top 20 ranking for the “unhappiest” cities in the U.S.

In stark contrast, Fremont, Calif., was crowned by WalletHub as America’s “happiest city.”

“…one contributing factor is that the city has the highest share of households with an income about $75,000, at nearly 80%,” the report elaborates. “Studies have shown that increasing your income also increases your happiness up to $75,000 but not beyond.

Adds the study: “Another contributing factor to Fremont’s happiness is the fact that it has the lowest separation and divorce rate in the country, at only 8.9%. It also has the lowest share of adults who report having 14 or more mentally unhealthy days in the past month, so people in the city seem to be taking care of themselves psychologically.”

Detroit, Mich., by the way, was the overall unhappiest.

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